Troubled by signs of aging?

Face wrinkles are an inevitable part of life. Some are simply the result of getting older, while others might be brought on by stress, sun damage or lifestyle habits like smoking and drinking. Whatever the cause, it's easy to get caught up in fretting about every wrinkle.

But just because wrinkles are inevitable doesn't mean they need to be permanent. If you find yourself worrying about crows' feet, laugh lines, worry lines or the many other types of face wrinkle, consider booking a free, no-obligation anti-wrinkle consultation.

We'll discuss the how and why behind your wrinkles, how you've tackled them until now and assess what other options might be on the table for you. All this will be measured against the end result you're looking for.

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Initial anti-wrinkle consultation

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Anti-wrinkle injection, 2 areas
From £160 (30 mins)

Anti-wrinkle injection, 3 areas 
From £180 (40+ mins)


If you have any questions about this or Loulabelles Aesthetics' other beauty treatments in Walsall, you can call me at 07871 203398

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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes wrinkles?

Collagen are responsible for the skin's strength, elasticity and hydration, so a decrease in our collagen reserves directly lead to sagging skin and the emergence of wrinkles. As our collagen reserves naturally decrease with age, so to do fine lines emerge.

Similarly, excess ultraviolet (UV) ray exposure, alcohol, smoking and stress all damage our collagen fibres directly. These can potentially lead to premature aging, separate from the wrinkles brought on by the aging process.

What options might be available to me?

This depends on a number of factors (All of which will be discussed during our consultation) such as your medical history, general health and the end result you're looking for. These could involve dermal fillers or being prescribed a more potent anti-wrinkle injection.

What happens after the treatment?

We'll follow up with a complementary 2-week review to see how you're doing and potentially make further adjustments.