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 Derma Bio

Introducing Derma-Bio, our advanced biorevitalizing treatment cocktail designed to combat aging and daily stress for your skin. Created from extensive research and cutting-edge technology in aesthetics, Derma-Bio is your ultimate solution for restoring youthful vitality to your face, neck, and décolleté.

This unique formula combines three different molecular weights of hyaluronic acid with a blend of potent active ingredients to effectively address both minor and major signs of aging caused by time and environmental factors like sun exposure, lifestyle, and pollution.

With Derma-Bio, you can expect remarkable results: improved tone, a radiant and relaxed complexion, enhanced elasticity, and firmer skin. Our cocktail works to revitalize your skin comprehensively, providing a one-of-a-kind anti-aging effect.

This transformative power is made possible by the presence of key ingredients such as multiple hyaluronic acid molecules, essential vitamins (A, E, B1, B3, B6, B8, C), amino acids, DMAE, Argireline, Sodium DNA, and Glutathione.

Experience the difference with Derma-Bio and rejuvenate your skin for a more youthful, vibrant appearance.

Derma Lifting

Introducing Derma-Lifting®, our facial skin lifting treatment with powerful biomimetic peptides Argireline 5% and Leuphasyl 5%.

As we age, the repetitive movements of facial muscles lead to dynamic expression lines. Derma-Lifting® targets these lines by mimicking the effects of Botox, reducing muscle contractions and smoothing the skin.

The combination of Argireline and Leuphasyl peptides provides a lifting and firming effect without compromising natural facial expressions. These peptides work by soothing the skin and inhibiting muscle contractions, effectively reducing existing expression lines and preventing new ones.

Derma-Lifting® is an effective alternative to traditional anti-wrinkle techniques, perfect for those who want to maintain their facial expressions while achieving smoother, younger-looking skin.

Experience the benefits of Derma-Lifting®, administered through mesotherapy or microneedling for targeted results.

Derma Firming

Introducing Derma-Firming, our firming treatment for the face. Over time, our skin loses its firmness due to various internal and external factors. Derma-Firming addresses this issue by stimulating collagen and elastin production, essential for maintaining skin structure.

The cocktail contains powerful ingredients:

1% organic silicon: Boosts collagen and elastin synthesis, promoting regeneration.

DMAE: Firming fluid 7%: Provides a tightening effect by improving communication between skin cells and stimulating collagen production. It also acts as an antioxadant, protecting collagn and elastin from damage.

Rejulin Complex Stimulates cell regeneration and strngthens tissue elasticity.

Hyalouronic acid: Hydrates the skin deeply, maintaining its elasticity.

Essential amino acids: Nourish the skin to support its health and vitality.

These ingredients work together to firm and tone the skin, reducing signs of aging. 

Derma Repair

Stretch marks and acne scar treatment, Derma Repair product for stretch marks. 

The stretch mark treatment (product for stretch marks) and acne scars treatment. Derma-repair is the result of years of research and clinical studies have shown that it is able to give the skin hydration and resistance, significantly improving the appearance of scars as well as eliminating white stretch marks thanks to the synergy of powerful functional substances. Wisely combined and to the discovery of an innovative active ingredient: PSEUDOALETEROMONAS extract.

Continiuos elastic stresses of the tissue (as a result of weight loss and weight gain, lifestyle, age and trauma) are co-factors of the degradation of the dermal matrix, at the basis of intestinal problems such as stretch marks and scars.

Derma repair products for stretch marks is a powerful cocktail aimed at restoring the autologous mechanisms of skin regeneration and stimulation, thanks to the synergy of:

Pseudoalteromonas extract: a discovery in the aesthetic and medical fields; this exopolysaccharide exerts a very powerful restructuring action used above all as a stretch mark treatment and scar treatment;

D-Panthenol which acts as an activator of profileration of fibroblasts;

Centrella asiatica extract, a powerful healing agent that increases the fibrillar content of the connective tissue;

Amino acid complex: L-Arginine, L-Proline, Glycine, Citrulline;

Biomimetic peptides, Acetyl Tripeptide-30, Pentapeptide-18

Sodium hyaluronic plays an important restructuring role on scars and stretch marks, giving uniformity of texture.

Ingredients of Derma-Repair acne scar treatment

Pseudoalteromonas extract, D-Panthenol, Centella asiatica extract, L-Arginine, L-Proline, Glycine, Citrulline, Acetyl Tripeptide-30, Pentapeptide-18, Sodium hyaluronate.

Derma Hydrating

Our Derma Hydrating treatment for the face offers a powerful boost of hydration using a special form of Hyaluronic Acid. Hyaluronic Acid is a natural substance found in the body that keeps the skin plump and youthful. As we age, our body produces less of it, leading to wrinkles and loss of elasticity.

Our treatment replenishes this Hyaluronic Acid, restoring moisture and helping to fill in wrinkles. It's administered through microneedling or tiny injections, ensuring precise delivery to where it's needed most.

This treatment not only hydrates the skin deeply but also improves its elasticity, reduces signs of environmental damage, and even supports skin health against harmful UV rays. Plus, its versatile nature allows it to be combined with other beneficial ingredients like vitamins and amino acids for a comprehensive skincare solution.

With our Derma Hydrating treatment, you can enjoy a more youthful, rejuvenated complexion with long-lasting hydration and improved skin health.

Derma Tone

Introducing Derma Tone-up Solution a professional toning and firming treatment powered by highly concentrated DMAE.

DMAE or dimethylaminoethanol, is renowned in aesthetics for it's ability to tighten and tone the skin on the face and body. It protects the bonds between collagen and elastin, stimulating collagen production and repairing damaged fibres.

By using DMAE, you'll experience various benefits: increased skin tension, improved cohesion of skin cells, enhanced hydration and elasticity, and better nutrient supply and defense mechanisms. It also acts as an antioxidant, safeguarding collagen and elastin from free radical damage.



Derma Restore

Introducing Derma-Restorer Solution, a professional regenerating treatment containing organic silicon.

Organic Silicon is a key component naturally found in connective tissue, vital for collagen and elastin production.

This solution works to regenerate and strengthen skin fibres, enhancing elasticity and delaying the signs of aging on both face and body.

It also acts as a potent antioxidant, protecting your skin from harmful free radicals.

It also acts as a potent antioxidant, protecting your skin from harmful free radicals.

Experience the benefits of Derma-Restorer Solution, administered through Microneedling or Mesotheraphy for rejuvenated, healthier-looking skin.


Derma Eye

Introducing Derma eye Cocktail, your complete solution for dark circles and eye bags.

The delicate skin around the eyes requires special care, as it tends to age faster. Our cocktail combines biomimetic peptides, amino acids, and natural extracts to effectively target bags and dark circles giving your eyes a brighter appearance.

Key ingredients include:

ACETYL, HEXAPEPTIDE - 30: Blocks nerve signals to reduce muscle contractions, preventing dynamic wrinkles.

ARGININE: Hydrates and restores collagen, promoting skin health.

ARTICHOKE EXTRACT: Drains excess fluid, detoxifies and improves microcirculation

CAFFEINE: Improves blood circulation, reducing redness and puffiness.

ESCIN: Strengthens blood vessel walls, reducing blood stagnation.

ASCORBIC ACID: Stimulates collagen production, brightening the skin.

TOCOPHEROL ACETATE: Provides antioxidant protection.

With Derma Eye Cocktail, say goodbye to dark circles and eye bags and hello to brighter, rejuvenated eyes.

MUST HAVE fluid filled eye bags for this treatment.

About Derma PRODUCTS

The key concept of the entire Derma 2.0 line is “return to the use of formulations containing active ingredients with proven and already scientifically proven properties” that allow for concrete results.

The primary objective of DERMA 2.0 is to always offer an excellent service with the best products available on the market.

The Derma line products are rigorously formulated and produced in complete respect for the environment, without any testing on animals, free of synthetic antioxidants such as BHT and BHA, aluminum salts, aggressive SLS and SLES surfactants and 100% MADE IN ITALY.

The focus of the Derma 2.0® product range is its simplicity: all formulations are essential, safe and effective, designed with pure active ingredients aimed at obtaining immediate results.


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